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  1. The Spanish Pistol Board
    Hi again all, I brought my BKS shooting not long ago and when cleaning it afterwards, I noticed the face of the ejector was looking a little beat up. Then I noticed a rough spot on the frame where the barrel contacts above the feed ramp on the left side. I tried to take a picture with my phone...
  2. Want to Buy Forum
    Hello. I Couldn't pass up a deal on a Star 1922 slide w/extractor so now I'm stuck looking to fill in the rest (barrel, frame, etc) with as many original parts as possible. Would be interested in anything you might have. Thanks.
  3. The Spanish Pistol Board
    Hey, just wanted to share my "new" Star Super A/B. Found a great deal on a Super A parts kit, an inexpensive Super B frame, scavenged a couple other parts here and there, pieced it together, and now I have a Franken-Star Super 9mm largo. Had to file down the ejector a bit to get the slide to...
  4. Want to Buy Forum
    Hello. Looking to buy 9mm Luger barrel for a Star Super B. That is all. Thank you.