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  1. The Spanish Pistol Board
    Hi folks. I'm starting to realize just how unobtanium most of the springs are (particularly recoil springs) for the Star 28/30; some springs are rare enough that they may as well not exist after these 30 years. I would like to keep the pistol in good working order as long as I can and springs...
  2. The Spanish Pistol Board
    Hi again all, I brought my BKS shooting not long ago and when cleaning it afterwards, I noticed the face of the ejector was looking a little beat up. Then I noticed a rough spot on the frame where the barrel contacts above the feed ramp on the left side. I tried to take a picture with my phone...
  3. The Spanish Pistol Board
    Hey, just wanted to share my "new" Star Super A/B. Found a great deal on a Super A parts kit, an inexpensive Super B frame, scavenged a couple other parts here and there, pieced it together, and now I have a Franken-Star Super 9mm largo. Had to file down the ejector a bit to get the slide to...
1-3 of 6 Results