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  1. The Military Mauser Forum
    Hello! I recently saw a M24-47 appear on my local classifieds and I’ve sort of collected a hodgepodge of information suggesting that many M24s were recaptured K98s that had their receivers scrubbed of German paraphernalia and various minor parts swapped out by Serbian arsenals. but I’ve also...
  2. The Spanish Pistol Board
    Hi folks. I'm starting to realize just how unobtanium most of the springs are (particularly recoil springs) for the Star 28/30; some springs are rare enough that they may as well not exist after these 30 years. I would like to keep the pistol in good working order as long as I can and springs...
  3. Italian Firearms Forum
    Hello, I apologize if the formatting to this is correct. I have never used this forum before. I have come into possession of a Bodeo M1889 and am missing a few parts on it that I am having some difficulty sorting. Firstly, I am missing the ejector rod. There is a little brass rod in it's place...
1-3 of 3 Results