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  1. Firearms Of The Rising Sun
    I picked up a nice Type 99 recently that came with a canvas sling. The trouble is, I can't remove it because it's as hard as a rock. It's also flaking quite a bit. Is there anything I can do to 1) soften it enough to safely remove it, and 2) rejuvenate it enough to prevent further degradation...
  2. The K98k Mauser Forum
    Whats the best way to store leather slings - I have so far had mine on the rifle but can see some of the leather breaking up - especially at the sharp bend at the front band. Trying to keep an even temp and humidity in my safes. Any advice??
  3. Italian Firearms Forum
    Please excuse me if this has already been covered After picking up a few of the recent imports, specifically carbines (TS & 'Cavalry'), Ive been looking to try and pick up a few slings as well. Some of the carbines are dated WWI era and others are WWII so my question is does anyone know which...
1-3 of 4 Results