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  1. S-CM13(3).jpg

    Magnetic X-shape Torch Bracket Scope Mount, Fits 23 to 26mm Diameter
  2. French Firearms Board
    Hey everyone. I recently picked up a MAS-36 that's been butchered to a shortened sporter. (Santa Fe Model 1949) I'm planning on making it into a bit of a project gun now that it's just about lost all of it's historical value, and it was a relatively cheap gun. I'm looking for one of those old B...
  3. The Sniper Rifle Forum
    Hey yall! Going to pick up an SVT this weekend and I was hoping I might could get yalls opinion on the authenticity of a PU scope and mount. I know the SVT itself isn't a real sniper as it was made at Ishevsk in 1941. The scope I'm fairly sure is real but I'm not so sure on the mount. I'd...
1-3 of 5 Results