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  1. French Firearms Board
    Hi everyone, I am wondering if your FRF2 rifles’ wooden stocks are very smooth to the touch or not. I have received my rifle and the wooden stock is smooth for the most part and sticky on some areas. I want to find out if this is original finish. Also, does anyone know a good reference book...
  2. Japanese Trader Board
    I am looking to purchase a 7/8 Childrens’ Training rifle, preferably with an original cleaning rod. Recently acquired a 7/8 Childrens’ bayonet and need a rifle to go with. If you have one you are looking to sell, let me know and we can see if we can make a deal! Thanks!
  3. Italian Firearms Forum
    Would like as much info as you can provide. I believe I have a Carcano M9138 cavalry rifle or carbine? 6.5 caliber SF6544 942-xx. Thanks!
  4. French Firearms Board
    Need to find this screw for one of my lebels but I can not for the life of me figure out what it's called. Screw is on the left side of the receiver. Example picture below. I'd greatly appreciate any and all help!!
  5. Italian Firearms Forum
    First time post here but a few months ago I was at a gun show and saw a bunch of carcano m91/28 with missing parts. In the pile of junkers, I saw a lorenzotti m91/28 that was missing barrel bands, the top hand guard, and the front sight. The curious part was this gun had an A prefix dated 1931...
  6. Commercial and Military Sporting Arms Forum
    I’m looking for someone who may be able to give me some additional info on a used firearm I’ve recently purchased. What I know: -It’s a Parker Hale Safari Deluxe. -There is a stamp on the barrel of a crown w the letters BNP stamped under it -Info in the barrel also identifies it as a .308 WIN...
  7. The Military Mauser Forum
    I was wondering if someone could tell what rifle is in this photo. I thought this was a really interesting photo and noticed that the barrel bands look different than a K98k, is this a pre war rifle?
1-7 of 11 Results