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  1. The Ammo Bunker
    I’ve got about 120 lbs of range brass tumbled and sorted. My go-to buyer was Diamond K brass in Arizona because they reimbursed for the flat rate shipping. they don’t seem to be buying right now and the only other places I can find are not reimbursing for shipping. I wondered if anybody in...
  2. Workbench Forum
    Here's a couple odd cases I ran across while reloading countless cases over the years. The rarity of bad cases shows how good quality control is in ammo manufacturing. The 40 S&W is missing a flash hole. The 9mm has a strange groove cut into the side.
  3. The Brass Exchange
    Hello! I'm in search of .32 S&W short black powder cartridges to get my old iver johnson pocket hammerless running. I've been unable to find anything online, nor do any reloaders local to me have the equipment to load some for me, so I've come here! Does anybody have the time, inclination, and...
1-3 of 7 Results