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  1. Militaria-Swords-Bayonets- Edged Weapons Forum
    So I purchased this thinking it was some type of M1855 bayonet but upon further inspection I believe it to be a Turkish Peabody bayonet although the scabbard looks a bit different from other I've looked up. Would you agree? Both the bayonet and scabbard seem to be void of any markings. I'd...
  2. The Collector's Forum - Mosin Nagant HQ
    Recently purchased this 1924 dragoon and discovered that it has a 1905 receiver. Is this common or unusual? The bolt and magazine match and theres no serial on the buttplate. It's not SA marked and I can't find an import mark anywhere on it. Learning is half the fun so I'd appreciate any and all...
  3. French Firearms Board
    Can anyone confirm for me whether or not the barrel and receiver are 1 piece or 2? I have a sporterized lebel I'm trying to get fixed and the gunsmith I took it too couldn't get the barrel off.
  4. The Lee-Enfield Forum
    I just picked up this Enfield as a cheap gun to have fun with and was wondering if anyone could help me identify exactly what type it is. I don't know anything about where this gun has been or what has been removed from it other than the stock. It is chambered in .308 and has an India stamp, all...
1-4 of 4 Results