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  1. Krag rifles of Norway, Denmark & U.S.A.
    Hi everyone! I recently won an antique (1896 production, ser. 3436) 1894 Norwegian Krag barreled action at auction. Although I don't have it in hand yet, I anticipate having to come up with the majority of the internal parts, middle barrel band, trigger guard, and stock hardware, not to mention...
  2. Military Photo Album
    Hello everyone, I've found these pictures of a museum seemingly in Norway with some very interesting specimens, does anyone know where/what museum this is? Thank you. Coutin
  3. The K98k Mauser Forum
    Greetings, I'll admit I picked up this rifle at auction with not much knowledge of Norwegian k98s. Personally, this is the only one I've seen for sale, so I didn't wanna miss out and not bid. It is all matching with original German numbers besides bolt. Rechambered in 30-06 post-war and Coastal...
1-3 of 3 Results