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  1. "The American Arsenal" US Weapons - Past & Present
    Hello all, New to the forum but longtime lurker. I'm currently looking at a Smith Corona1903a3 serial number 3637774, with a barrel date 4-43. From what I've researched this seems correct, but what concerns me is that there are no other viable barrel markings other than the date. Were 03a3...
  2. Militaria-Swords-Bayonets- Edged Weapons Forum
    I've got this along with some other odd knives from the same guy (a "San Antonio Iron Works" and a ww1 bolo made into a bowie) No markings on either leather sheath or bayonet, the bayonet blade is very thick, about 8mm at the base, rivets not screws in the handle, in regards to the leather...
1-2 of 2 Results