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  1. Military Handgun Forum
    Hello all, I'm desperately in need of a rear sight assembly for a papa nambu. I tried Don for years with no luck. Does anyone have a lead?
  2. Firearms Of The Rising Sun
    Hi everyone, I'm currently looking to acquire a Type 14 Nambu pistol to go along with my Type 99. After handling one locally, I was quite impressed with how they handled and felt in my hand. I figure that starting with a typical war time example would be the best way to find one and experience...
  3. Firearms Of The Rising Sun
    I picked up this holster at a local gun show. The cleaning rod I previously posted was inside. A representative example of a type VII holster. I am not sure if the spotting on the leather is some type of mold or other. I am going give a go at treating it as mold for now. The spotting will...
  4. Firearms Of The Rising Sun
    The type 14 cleaning rod came with a late war holster that I picked up. I was not able to locate any inspectors mark on the rod and the poor quality construction at the 90 degree turn leaves me to question if it is a reproduction. I am on the side of it being original but would like some help...
  5. Firearms Of The Rising Sun
    I picked up a good reference example of a type 3 holster for the Type 14. Came with a spare striker, which was a bonus. I believe this was made at Nagoya. Help with date please. I need to apologize for not being able to read Kanji dates by now. If the date on the back is legit it would have...
  6. Firearms Of The Rising Sun
    I just found a nice nambu type 14. Can anyone tell, is this has been reblued? The seller said it is all matching including mag, I know there should be sn on trigger or trigger guard, but this one does not have, is this normal? Also, I know on late war, nambu grip start changing from full groove...
1-6 of 6 Results