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  1. Swedish Mauser stripped receiver

    Want to Buy Forum
    Looking to buy a Swedish mauser stripped receiver, m96/38 or just an m38. Receivers for mausers seem to be becoming harder and harder to find. I have built several K98's in the past from scrounging up parts here and there, but now I would like to try a Swedish mauser. Also, any help pointing me...
  2. Help on identifying crest/maker

    The Military Mauser Forum
    Any help on the crest of this Mauser
  3. WTB: Pre-1944 all matching K98k

    Want to Buy Forum
    I'm looking for a matching pre-1944 K98k preferably from byf/dot/dou/bcd (open to others as well) in good or better condition. I'm partial to the pre-Kriegsmodell variants, as I like the more classic look. I fully understand that what I'm looking for command's a premium and am happy to pay fair...
  4. Unmarked Mauser style rifle

    The Military Mauser Forum
    Hey everyone, I’m new to this forum and im seeking further information in regards to an unmarked Mauser actioned rifles that is completely unmarked. This rifle only has serial numbers on it and does not have an manufacturer markings on it what so ever.... Been researching all the Mausers that...
  5. Should I modify my 1912 Chilean Mauser

    The Military Mauser Forum
    I bought a 1912 Chilean Mauser decades ago. I probably should not have started the restoration project but you have to bear in mind that back when I did so these things could be purchased for $59 to $79 all day long. I’m talking over 20+ years ago. It was very gouged and literally had...
  6. Steyr M95/24

    The Military Mauser Forum
    Hello everyone, I'm not much of a Mauser guy (that's slowly changing) but decided to buy this Steyr M95/24 at an auction recently and was wondering what they're worth. It seems to be in pretty good condition, all numbers matching bolt and bolt matches receiver. The magazine housing is a...