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    I always thought they are different names of the same rifle until I met this image.
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    Hi all, found this Mauser stock set (I have the hand guard here somewhere) at my LGS a couple months back and am just getting around to cleaning it up/deciding what to do with it hit. It should be a small ring, but other than that I have no clue what it is. Can anyone help?
  3. Military Handgun Forum
    Bought a c96 from an online estate auction. Seller thought is was 7.65 x 21mm (= .30 luger). Most C96's are 7.63 x 25 mm (=.30 Mauser) and of course some 9mm which this gun is not. I have aslo confimred that are some .30 Luger C96's. How can i tell if its chambered in .30 luger or .30 Mauser...
  4. The Military Mauser Forum
    Greetings Mauser lovers, The title is all I have on one of my dad's Mausers. I have been visiting with other Mauser collectors about this rifle and wanted to share it in this forum. Any knowledge shared is appreciated and will be passed on with the rifle. I have added 10 photos but have more in...
  5. The Military Mauser Forum
    Wondering if anyone has a forged bent bolt body for the M38 Mauser? Looking to replace the bolt body in my M38. Looking for a unserialized surplus bolt body. Thanks
  6. The Military Mauser Forum
    I'm looking at one from a gunstore 3 hrs from where I live. Before I go and get it, I wanted to clarify - is it one of those "S" bores that can use the .323 diameter bullets? All I can find on 7.92x57 ammo is Prvi Partizan, which I read all European is .323. I read elsewhere that everything...
  7. The K98 Mauser Forum
    Picked this up from a older gentleman who says his dad brought it back from ww2, I didn’t really overpay no matter what it is, and I don’t think I really plan on selling, I’m just interested in what I have here exactly. My understanding leads me to believe this came from Waffen Werke Brunn in...
  8. The Military Mauser Forum
    Hello, Thanks to anyone who can help me out with this. I have had this rifle for two months but still have been unable to find any information online about manufacturing dates. It is all numbers matching, but I would like to know what year it was manufactured. And if anyone has an idea on...
  9. The Military Mauser Forum
    I recently inherited this rifle from my grandfather that had numerous firearms tucked away that we had no idea about. Do I have something here? I’m in the Military but not to versed on the old style rifles. Thanks for looking, any info would be greatly appreciated.
  10. The Military Mauser Forum
    Hello! I was wondering If I could get some help on my Mauser. Its a Czech made vz. 24, but with a German rear sight, turned down bolt handle, and stock. So, I have recently bought a different stock (the one on the rifle had been sporterized, then repaired and put back into original...
  11. The Czech Weapons Board
    Hello everyone. hope this is the right place to post this (not really sure how this whole thing works, this is my first time here) but i just wanted to post my czech mauser and would like to know anymore information on it. maby if it is an export or was used in the czech army or if maby it has...
  12. The Military Mauser Forum
    I have recently been given an old Mauser rifle from my grandfather since it was rusted and needed restoration. I haven’t been able to find a matching model On the Internet. The bolt is missing its extractor and if I can find out what model it is I can buy the correct extractor.
  13. The K98 Mauser Forum
    Hi, i'm new here. I have some pictures for you guys and i hope you can give me some more info about the guns. And the value? 1. I got my hands on this mauser that was found by magnet fishing in Belgium . it was found in the river " Maas" in Luik. Next foto is when it's cleaned. There are no...
  14. The Military Mauser Forum
    New to the Mauser world. Came across this thing. It does not have the VZ marking so I’m hoping someone can tell me what it is and it’s value Thanks for any help
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  16. The Czech Weapons Board
    I got very little information upon receiving this rifle, and I'll admit I'm rather new to all this, but I believe it to be a VZ.24 chambered in 8mm mauser. I can't find much information on D prefixed serial numbers, and am not sure what a lot of the markings mean on the receiver. Any ideas on...
  17. The Military Mauser Forum
    Recently acquired this beautiful Mauser & would appreciate any knowledge anyone has to offer. I’m aware it’s been duffle cut & was wondering if its even worth replacing with a surplus stock from around 1944.
  18. The Military Mauser Forum
    Any help on the crest of this Mauser
  19. The Military Mauser Forum
    Hey everyone, I’m new to this forum and im seeking further information in regards to an unmarked Mauser actioned rifles that is completely unmarked. This rifle only has serial numbers on it and does not have an manufacturer markings on it what so ever.... Been researching all the Mausers that...
  20. The Military Mauser Forum
    I bought a 1912 Chilean Mauser decades ago. I probably should not have started the restoration project but you have to bear in mind that back when I did so these things could be purchased for $59 to $79 all day long. I’m talking over 20+ years ago. It was very gouged and literally had...