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  1. French Firearms Board
    Good day Gentlemen. I Recently bought a Mas 36. in 308/7.62 Nato. Now I know about the horror stories about on how many Century Arms Rifles where a Rushed butcher job of conversions. but i am optimistic this one might work out. she doesn't look she met the century butcher unlike other mas...
  2. French Firearms Board
    Hey everyone. I recently picked up a MAS-36 that's been butchered to a shortened sporter. (Santa Fe Model 1949) I'm planning on making it into a bit of a project gun now that it's just about lost all of it's historical value, and it was a relatively cheap gun. I'm looking for one of those old B...
  3. French Firearms Board
    Does anyone know if the Mas Fournier receiver was identical to the Mas 36 receiver?
  4. French Firearms Board
    Landed on my doorstep today - good opportunity to brush up on my French :)
1-4 of 5 Results