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  1. Martini Henry Forum
    A while ago, I got a 1887 IV 1 Martini Henry in .577 Snider. It's mixture of Nepalese and British wood markings have always puzzled and fascinated me, I'd like some help figuring them out. I have some theories about some of them, but I really wont some assistance from someone who actually knows...
  2. Martini Henry Forum
    I have a MH MK IV, I believe pattern B or C (ramped front sight) and every time I dive in on it, I come up with more questions than answers. It began life (I think) as an EM MK I (EM struck through with a dash on the breech block, mark of arm struck off center on sovereign's cypher, EM mark...
  3. Martini Henry Forum
    I've purchased every martini henry part except the action which seems to be difficult to find. Does anyone have one that I could buy? Thanks, Declan
1-3 of 5 Results