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  1. Mannlicher, Steyr & Blackpowder Cartridge Rifles
    Hey all, I'm brand new to the Mannlicher world. Looking at buying a m95 listed as a "Steyr M95 8x56R Budapest 30in barrel long rifle". This one claims be numbers matching with an excellent bore and an "Arsenal re work". I'm assuming this means it was repaired at the Steyr factory at some point...
  2. Mannlicher, Steyr & Blackpowder Cartridge Rifles
    My family has had a Dutch M95 Carbine for a while and I've wanted to identify it and buy a bayonet for it. It is marked "KAV" and so I suspect its a Calvary Carbine. Looking at A Quick and Dirty Guide: Dutch Mannlichers – Surplused it seems to be a KNIL one that had its left side sling loop...
  3. Mannlicher, Steyr & Blackpowder Cartridge Rifles
    Hello. I have a M95 Steyr Mannlicher that’s still chambered in 8x50R. The discussions I found here about reloading for this rifle have been super interesting, but as a non-reloader, the learning curve has been a little steep. Even though I don’t reload myself, I have friends who do reload...
1-3 of 4 Results