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  1. Slim Tim's Makarov Trader
    OrBaikal IJ-70 in 9mm mak or 9X18. Great condition comes with two magazines. $500 shipped to your FFL in the lower 48. Or FTF if you live in South Carolina.
  2. Military Handgun Forum
    I recently purchased this Makarov online and was looking for any information on it. I couldn’t find much info for the pm01. It looks to be a commercial production made in 1989. I don’t really know much about Makarovs. Are the military date codes the same for commercial production?
  3. The Makarov Forum
    I picked this up from a recent batch of Bulgarian imports. Never seen any other Mak's like it and couldn't find any similar examples online. Looks to me like a 68 Izzy was completely sanitized, had the slide reprofiled, and then had the original markings re-electro penciled on. Interestingly the...
  4. The Makarov Forum
    First post and first Makarov...Just received this beauty today. Hopefully someone who is more knowledgeable then I can share any info and/or thoughts. I'm a WWII collector personally, but loved the grips on this one compared to the single star and always wanted a makarov to go with my PA-63 that...
  5. The Czech Weapons Board
    I have a CZ 83 9 mak and trying to find out year and value. SN is A196091. Any ideals. Thanks
  6. The Makarov Forum
    I have issues with my makarov as seen in the video. I replaced the slide release already with a bulgarian one (from RobertRTG) same issue persists. It isn't the mags because even manually hitting the slide release causes the issue. I have some suspicions as to what may be the issue but before I...
  7. Slim Tim's Makarov Trader
    Great gun. Put a magazine through it last month. $400 shipped. Over 300 rounds of ammo is for sale also. $150 plus shipping. Feel free to make an offer. Will not sell the ammo without selling the gun first or to the same person. I also buy/sell on gunbroker with same name and have a A+ rating I...
  8. Tennessee-Georgia Shooters Board
    If you haven't heard the awful news, is calling it quits. :(:eek::( The 40% off lock, stock and barrels sale started today and was shut down after just a few hours due to the huge volume of orders. :eek: The on-line only sale is scheduled to start again Wednesday 5/21/08 at 10:00...
  9. Slim Tim's Makarov Trader
    I have 650 rounds of Wolf MC 9x18 that I am looking to sell for $100 (firm) plus shipping. It's tough to find 9x18 ammo at less than $7.70 per box, particularly in "below case" quantities! I'll ship using any legal method that you choose (and agree to pay for) or meet you face to face near...
1-9 of 9 Results