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  1. Swiss Weapons Forum
    Picked up a new K31 and now thinking about adding a scope. I was considering the Swiss products mounting system as my requirements are: 1) does not require modification to the carbine 2) holds zero That being said, does anyone have any advice for a scope that would work well? I'm a iron...
  2. Swiss Weapons Forum
    Hi everyone. New to this area of the boards with the recent acquisition of a beautiful K31. Honestly, didn't think Id enjoy it as much as I have. It was one of the Centerfire Systems recent sales without the magazine. I ended up picking up an original from Simpsons and received serial number...
  3. Swiss Weapons Forum
    I have seen many K31s having a Mo marked bolt cap, with 42 or 43 date stamps. This 1944 K31 has the bolt sleeve also Mo marked. The rifle has a "51" stamped on the tang indicating it had gone through arsenal refurbishment in 1951. It looks like the arsenal only replaced the barrel during the...
1-3 of 7 Results