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  1. The Lee-Enfield Forum
    I just picked up this Enfield as a cheap gun to have fun with and was wondering if anyone could help me identify exactly what type it is. I don't know anything about where this gun has been or what has been removed from it other than the stock. It is chambered in .308 and has an India stamp, all...
  2. The Lee-Enfield Forum
    I'm new to the boards and am rolling out my limited selection of milsurps after having them hanging on the wall. I've had this Century Arms import for about 20 years (it still has the little booklet from CA zip tied to the sling swivel). This is an Ishapore 1944, with matching bolt, receiver...
  3. The Lee-Enfield Forum
    Hello everyone, first time poster here. I've done a good bit of work to bring my Ishapore 2A back to life, and I was wondering what it may have done to the value compared to an original. To start, I strongly prefer milsurp to remain in their stock and original configurations, but the 2A I...
1-3 of 3 Results