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  1. Swedish Military Firearms Forum
    Howdy everyone. Finally joined the 6.5 gang by getting my first Swedish Mauser. It’s a Husky M38. I scoured the older posts but still had a question or two. The cocking piece is un-numbered. Now from older posts I saw that is not unusual. Does that indicate arsenal rebuild or did Husqvarna just...
  2. Swedish Civilian & Sporting Firearms
    Hi, im new to this forum i was wondering if someone would be kind enough to help me identify what im buying here: i thought it was a 1900 though the seller tells me it can only hold 3 bullets, he's out of reach so i cant actually take these photos for myself. Frankly thats confused me as i cant...
  3. Swedish Civilian & Sporting Firearms
    I picked up a Husqvarna model 15 sxs with Damascus barrels. I loaded up some brass shot shells, and I took it out to the range a couple weeks back. I took a little video with it. It patterns a little low, but its fun to shoot. I put the youtube link below.
1-3 of 4 Results