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  1. The Collector's Forum - Mosin Nagant HQ
    I’ve been debating over this rifle for a few days, guyis super nice and says this was done by a bubba. My friend believe the bolt is the correct angle, and noticed the scope mount dots on the receiver. My friend thinks it’s a sniper, but what throws me off is the serial numbers on the bolt head...
  2. The Military Mauser Forum
    I am currently missing an extractor for my Mauser and I would like to create a 3d printed model of one (just for show not usage). If someone could supply me the dimensions of the extractor then I can create a copy. I don't plan to sell the design and instead put it on thingiverse for free.
  3. The Military Mauser Forum
    I have recently been given an old Mauser rifle from my grandfather since it was rusted and needed restoration. I haven’t been able to find a matching model On the Internet. The bolt is missing its extractor and if I can find out what model it is I can buy the correct extractor.
  4. Firearms Of The Rising Sun
    Recently won this Japanese good luck flag on ebay. I have a feeling that it may be a fake but since I only paid 60 bucks shipped for it its ok if it is. Upon my inspection, the flag itself appears authentic but the kanji and temple stamp appear different from my other authentic good luck flag. I...