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  1. The Lee-Enfield Forum
    Hello GUNBORD members! I've just joined, (Though I've been with the National Gun Form for about a year) I have some Enfield questions that I can't find the answers for. I have a 1917 BSA co. No. 1 MK III Lee Enfield, and I'm dying to figure out the meanings of the multitude of markings. Yes...
  2. The Spanish Pistol Board
    Im looking for any information into purchasing a Star Model 31P for my dad, as that model in particular is very special to him. There’s only been a couple recorded sales of them on the web, and they’ve sold years ago. If anyone has any information they can on how to or who can find one, please...
  3. Smoke Pole - Blackpowder Forum
    Hi all, Hoping everyone is staying safe during the pandemic ! I wanted to take your expertise and advise on a musket I’m seeing going for an online sale but I couldn’t figure out the model or much of details can you help? Also it is presented as an original and my gut is more inclined to...
1-3 of 3 Results