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  1. Shotgun Forum (military and commercial)
    This is the next chapter in an ongoing saga with this 1897, (Now dubbing it the 1890-Lemon) we have spent the past month or so fighting with it to make it work right, the saying I heard from an old Winchester '97 smith could not be more true: "Fine tuning an 1897 is closer to black magic". So...
  2. Workbench Forum
    (I didn't know if I should put this in the shotgun forum or this one, let me know if it should be moved) I have a late '20s early '30s Winchester 1897, Riot model. And I'm having an issue that I've seen on other 1897s that I don't know how to fix. The Issue: Once the hammer is cocked back, when...
  3. The Makarov Forum
    I have issues with my makarov as seen in the video. I replaced the slide release already with a bulgarian one (from RobertRTG) same issue persists. It isn't the mags because even manually hitting the slide release causes the issue. I have some suspicions as to what may be the issue but before I...
1-3 of 3 Results