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  1. Shotgun Forum (military and commercial)
    I have here a shotgun brought back from Germany by my grandfather. He fought in WW2 & brought home this SxS 16gauge shotgun. I’m really curious to know more about it such as it’s history, manufacturer, value & rarity. The gun still fires & still has its original finish. I took it apart to get...
  2. The K98k Mauser Forum
    I have here a 1939 German Made Mod. 98 Mauser, I am looking for as much input & information I can get about this gun, such as the manufacturer, origin, value etc... Its my grandpas old firearm that he brought home from Germany after fighting in the Battle of Bulge during WW2. All serial numbers...
  3. The K98k Mauser Forum
    Hi, i'm new here. I have some pictures for you guys and i hope you can give me some more info about the guns. And the value? 1. I got my hands on this mauser that was found by magnet fishing in Belgium . it was found in the river " Maas" in Luik. Next foto is when it's cleaned. There are no...
1-3 of 3 Results