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  1. The Ammo Bunker
    Bought an SVT recently and these six 15 round boxes of Finnish 7.62x54r ammo came along with it. Theyre all marked "VPT 44" and are a bit dirty. Ive never owned Finnish 7.62x54r ammo before so I dont know if its collectable or not. If it is collectable, how much does it go for per round? Id...
  2. The Collector's Forum - Mosin Nagant HQ
    Recently found that the old Mosin Nagant rifle I bought in 1989 is not just a junk military surplus rifle. It's a 1930 Finnish M27. It's in original condition, has only been cleaned, so the stock does show its age and history of use with scuffs and dings. There is a Finnish stock makers mark...
  3. The Collector's Forum - Mosin Nagant HQ
    Hi All, First, I'm new to this board...and fairly new to collecting. I have become increasingly facinated with the Finnish version of the Mosin Nagant. In particular the M39 (I have 4). I was reading the article about the M39 on and came across a notation that the highest...
1-4 of 7 Results