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  1. Workbench Forum
    I have a near complete M1867 Danish Rolling Block Engineers Carbine From 1880 that was de-milled. Looking for a junker or sporterized rifle at a reasonable cost in order to locate a period correct breechblock and hammer. She will never fire again but deserves to preserved as complete as possible.
  2. Smoke Pole - Blackpowder Forum
    Hey y’all I have an older Danish rolling block rifle in 11.7x51r looking for some knowledge on this rifle and see if it’s worth keeping.
  3. Krag rifles of Norway, Denmark & U.S.A.
    Hey everyone! I've recently been translating the big heap of documents from the Danish Rigsarkivet which are related to the development of the Krag in Denmark, and this one document is giving me a bit of trouble that I'm hoping you could help me with. I've attached a scan of the document to...
  4. Krag rifles of Norway, Denmark & U.S.A.
    Hi everyone! I am currently working on a Krag-Jorgensen book that attempts to cover all models of Danish, American, and Norwegian Krag-Jorgensen rifles, along with the story of their development, use, and both Ole Krag and Erik Jorgensen's lives. I've more or less got the American and Norwegian...
  5. "The American Arsenal" US Weapons - Past & Present
    Just got this in the mail today: I've been looking for a 1917 in as original condition as possible that was likely a trench veteran, this one is... pretty close to original (original blue at least) but the markings have an interesting story to tell. From what i've seen all parts are Eddystone...
1-5 of 6 Results