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  1. Mannlicher, Steyr & Blackpowder Cartridge Rifles
    Today I had the lovely chance to fire my 1879 M74 French Gras (NO M80 modification!). This rifle propelles a 370 grain bullet behind Goex 2F in a fire formed 348 Winchester case. Once I got home I was in a hurry to clean the nasty black powder fouling from the bore, as it was freezing cold in...
  2. French Firearms Board
    Hey all, First time owner of a lebel here. I am looking for information about cleaning strategies and materials for the rifles. Of course, disassembly is required, which I figure I can watch any of the available detailed videos on. Considering that, are there any elements of the rifle that are...
  3. Workbench Forum
    Hi, does anyone know of a relatively simple way of cleaning the reticle without bending the wires - I'm assuming everyone will say send it in but wanted to see if anyone tried something that worked Let me know
  4. Firearms Of The Rising Sun
    I recently got a working Type 38 rifled and finally sourced some Norma 6.5. What are some tips for making sure I clean and maintain the rifle after it has been shot? I have thought about a bore snake for 6.5 since the cleaning rod is missing and I read that lemon oil may be an okay oil to...
1-4 of 4 Results