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  1. Italian Firearms Forum
    Can someone please help me Identify this Carcano. Serial is QL4611
  2. Italian Firearms Forum
    Hey everyone, Just wanted to share a video I made of my M38 Carcano! Hope y'all enjoy :)
  3. Italian Firearms Forum
    Would like as much info as you can provide. I believe I have a Carcano M9138 cavalry rifle or carbine? 6.5 caliber SF6544 942-xx. Thanks!
  4. Italian Firearms Forum
    Hi all, This is the first rifle I have ever bought. Other firearms I have are an Smith & Wesson M&P Shield EZ M2.0 9mm, M&P Bodyguard and I had a Hi-Point CF380. I just got an M91 Carcano Cavalry Carbine hand-select from Classic Firearms. There didn't seem to be any cosmoline on it so the metal...
  5. Italian Firearms Forum
    I'm not sure about my carcano's model as was hoping I could get help identifying it.
  6. Italian Firearms Forum
    First time post here but a few months ago I was at a gun show and saw a bunch of carcano m91/28 with missing parts. In the pile of junkers, I saw a lorenzotti m91/28 that was missing barrel bands, the top hand guard, and the front sight. The curious part was this gun had an A prefix dated 1931...
  7. Italian Firearms Forum
    I was back at the old home base for the holiday and decided to pull out my Italian collection that began about 15 months ago when the PW Arms haul came in from Italy. L-R -1917 Brescia M91TS with transverse bayonet lug but side mounted sling swivels -1918 M91TS that's double marked with Brescia...
  8. Firearms Of The Rising Sun
    I saw a few viewpoints pointing out that the Japanese Army had equipped the Type I for a short period before the Navy equipped them. One of them even said that the Army found the Type I inferior to the Arisakas due to the “outdated” action and the poor processing found on some of these rifles...
  9. Italian Firearms Forum
    Guy at the local gun show had a chest of about 20, WWII military surplus, 6.5 Carcano rifles.- going for ~$80 a piece. Wood was rotting away, but the bolt action wasn't bad and well lubricated. Several vendors were selling boxes of the 6.5 Carcano ammo as well. ~$30-$40. I'm considering buying...
  10. Italian Firearms Forum
    Another one from Axis Arms, this one with lots of character, can't recommend them enough! Let me know if you all have any input on the markings or if you've seen many others with carvings in them from the PW haul! Haven't even cleaned it yet. It came with oil on the metal and practically free...
  11. Italian Firearms Forum
    Hi Friends, I'm new here, but I ordered one of the TS carbines from PSA, and I was a little aggressive with the front band screw. I was hoping to find a replacement, but I am having a good bit of trouble finding the correct screw. Would anyone in the forum happen to have an extra one? Thank you!
  12. Italian Firearms Forum
    Hi all, here are my three Moschettos from the recent PW arms import. I might see about picking one more up at some point but we'll see. From top to bottom: 1894 Brescia with no handguard provision but an updated lever locked bayonet. 1914 Brescia - Updated to the lever lock during the war...
  13. Italian Firearms Forum
    Please excuse me if this has already been covered After picking up a few of the recent imports, specifically carbines (TS & 'Cavalry'), Ive been looking to try and pick up a few slings as well. Some of the carbines are dated WWI era and others are WWII so my question is does anyone know which...
1-13 of 23 Results