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    Another one from Axis Arms, this one with lots of character, can't recommend them enough! Let me know if you all have any input on the markings or if you've seen many others with carvings in them from the PW haul! Haven't even cleaned it yet. It came with oil on the metal and practically free...
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    Hi Friends, I'm new here, but I ordered one of the TS carbines from PSA, and I was a little aggressive with the front band screw. I was hoping to find a replacement, but I am having a good bit of trouble finding the correct screw. Would anyone in the forum happen to have an extra one? Thank you!
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    Hi all, here are my three Moschettos from the recent PW arms import. I might see about picking one more up at some point but we'll see. From top to bottom: 1894 Brescia with no handguard provision but an updated lever locked bayonet. 1914 Brescia - Updated to the lever lock during the war...
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    Please excuse me if this has already been covered After picking up a few of the recent imports, specifically carbines (TS & 'Cavalry'), Ive been looking to try and pick up a few slings as well. Some of the carbines are dated WWI era and others are WWII so my question is does anyone know which...
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    Hi all, just picked up my second Carcano from Buds. The first one was a 91/24 from Terni with an easy to identify "18" showing it was made in 1918. However, my new 91TS from Buds doesn't seem to have any dates other than the cartouche on the buttstock. It also seems to have been overstamped on...
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    Hello, I'm looking for an original Carcano M41 handguard. If anyone has one or knows where to get one please let me know. Thanks
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    Hello all, Recently a good friend of mine happened to acquire a Carcano rifle from a gun show from a dealer out of York, PA who was selling this as just "Carbine 1918, $325". Now, I myself, happened to notice it was a Carcano rifle from the rack, but past that I'm not versed in Italian arms by...