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  1. Military Handgun Forum
    Hello, I have a C96 Serial Number 350705 with crown over U, Fraktur M stamp, and this unusual ink burned stamp on the left side of stock, whose irons serial number match the gun. I believe it is a blurred out Imperial Navy anchor and chain but the swords are missing. Any help here? There are...
  2. Workbench Forum
    Greetings, i am looking for c96 lanyard ring, someone can produce for me or any suggestion?
  3. Military Handgun Forum
    Last year I inherited several small arms and some antique rifles from my uncle. One is a Mouser C96 smooth side, sn 25354. I know very little about the C96 and hope others can share their expert knowledge about it. From what I can see all the parts have the same sn. The adjustable rear sight...
  4. Military Handgun Forum
    Bought a c96 from an online estate auction. Seller thought is was 7.65 x 21mm (= .30 luger). Most C96's are 7.63 x 25 mm (=.30 Mauser) and of course some 9mm which this gun is not. I have aslo confimred that are some .30 Luger C96's. How can i tell if its chambered in .30 luger or .30 Mauser...
1-4 of 4 Results