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  1. The Lee-Enfield Forum
    I just picked up this piece for cheap, I got it because I've never seen one look like this. That being said I've tried doing research but can find nothing. I'm mainly concerned about the front end barrel and furniture.
  2. Weapons of the British Commonwealth
    Not sure if this is the right forum for this, if not, let me know I recently bought a P-14 rifle (With a P-17 stock) and I have a plethora of questions. I always wonted a P-17, but couldn't afford one. But a found a P-14 that appears to be a reasonable price (650$, is that a good price?) and...
  3. The Military Mauser Forum
    Hello guys! Recently this rifle popped up on a Hungarian auction site. It is quite an interesting one, let me tell you why. The rifle has a standard Gew. 88 action, a Gew. 88 flip sight, and a jacketless barrel. The flip sight is very typical on early Chinese Type 88 rifles. Placement of the...
  4. The Lee-Enfield Forum
    I've seen some SMLEs produced in Britain or Australia with a copper ring on the side of their butt stocks. Does the ring have any special meanings, such as the tag of some particular armories, or the notice of some particular armies?
  5. The Military Mauser Forum
    I have recently been given an old Mauser rifle from my grandfather since it was rusted and needed restoration. I haven’t been able to find a matching model On the Internet. The bolt is missing its extractor and if I can find out what model it is I can buy the correct extractor.
  6. Mannlicher, Steyr & Blackpowder Cartridge Rifles
    Hey everyone, Im new to the page and im seeking further information regarding a recently acquired Steyr 1896. If anyone could provide any information I would greatly appreciate it. Looking for year manufactured (stamped 1954) estimate of worth, cartridge, and who it was manufactured by...
1-6 of 6 Results