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    Hello, I was wondering if anybody had more specific information on this, as I have not had any luck finding it. This bayonet has close resemblance to the French 1842 yataghan bayonet, but is totally devoid of any French markings (as far as I see), and has several that I'm not familiar...
  2. The Military Mauser Forum
    What is the historically correct frog for this bayonet? I bought the bayonet with the scabbard, but no frog. I've seen E-Bay listings for M1941s with canvas frogs, but I also see leather frogs used by Germany or Yugoslavia. The only stand-alone frogs I have seen so far are repros, would I be...
  3. Militaria-Swords-Bayonets- Edged Weapons Forum
    Post your beautiful bayonets here!! I've got a soft spot for the Swiss!
  4. IMG_20210103_093530_549.jpg


    Styre M95
  5. Middle Eastern Firearms And Militaria
    So, here is your Sunday afternoon starter puzzle for 10 points. Attached are photos of said bayonet. Each tang has a script (Arabic/Farsi/Urdu ??) that needs to be translated. Thanks for any help!! Regards, JMB
  6. French Firearms Board
    First of all I am wondering if it is within the rules to buy/sell/trade on here. Second (if the first is within rule), Does anyone have a MAS 36 bayonet or know of a place I can get one for a reasonable price? The rifle that I just picked up has no bayonet. Its a mix matched gun, but the...
  7. Militaria-Swords-Bayonets- Edged Weapons Forum
    G'day from Oz, with my few days of I have been sorting through and cataloging the bayonets in my collection, which has taken longer than expected thanks to this forum and a couple of informative websites. There now are bayonets that identify as to what they are meant to instead of what they were...
  8. Mannlicher, Steyr & Blackpowder Cartridge Rifles
    I have recently acquired a stutzen. I have just about finished making her look pretty but she needs a bayonet. This may a stupid question but will a long gun bayonet fit or easily altered to fit the stutzen. Also, where are all the stutzen parts? Can you use carbine parts? Already made the...
  9. Militaria-Swords-Bayonets- Edged Weapons Forum
    Directly from a friend in Finland who has their own WW2 museum