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  1. The Makarov Forum
    Last week I won an auction for a CZ82 with two magazines. Based on the pictures and compared to the research I've done, the mags look like the real Mccoy. I would like to have some spare mags and mag parts saved back. I've heard there are fake magazines out there that have design flaws causing...
  2. The Czech Weapons Board
    I have a CZ 83 9 mak and trying to find out year and value. SN is A196091. Any ideals. Thanks
  3. The Makarov Forum
    Has anyone actually used 9X18 Powr'Ball ammunition out of a Mak for self-defense, or know any reports on its stopping power? I have some, and would like to know how good of a round it is based on real world use. Thanks.
  4. The Makarov Forum
    (Updated to re-post pictures) This thread is periodically updated as new ammunition becomes available to me. The following velocity tests (a few descriptions without velocity tests) of 82 varieties of military and commercial 9x18 ammunition were completed using a Beta Chronograph set 7-feet...
1-4 of 4 Results