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  1. Italian Firearms Forum
    Carcano cavalry carbine made in 1941 by FNA. Bought it off RTI in very good condition for 179 plus shipping and taxes. I cleaned and oiled it well and now I plan to reload ammo for it.
  2. Italian Firearms Forum
    First time post here but a few months ago I was at a gun show and saw a bunch of carcano m91/28 with missing parts. In the pile of junkers, I saw a lorenzotti m91/28 that was missing barrel bands, the top hand guard, and the front sight. The curious part was this gun had an A prefix dated 1931...
  3. Italian Firearms Forum
    I was back at the old home base for the holiday and decided to pull out my Italian collection that began about 15 months ago when the PW Arms haul came in from Italy. L-R -1917 Brescia M91TS with transverse bayonet lug but side mounted sling swivels -1918 M91TS that's double marked with Brescia...
1-3 of 4 Results