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  1. Modern Handgun Forum
    I have a pair of Savage pistols one 1907 and one 1917. Each acquired from different places and both 32acp. the trouble I have is I cannot seem to get them to function reliably (or at all). They feed from magazine fine and fire first round every time and even load the next round. However the...
  2. The Lee-Enfield Forum
    I just came across this 1907 pattern bayonet and am now doing the provenance research. I have gathered: EFD = Manufactured at RSAF Enfield. '11' on the ricasso = November issue '0' on the right of the '11' = a year ending in 0, so 1920, 19130 or 1940. Someone else pointed out the oil hole was...
  3. Winchester And Lever Action Board
    I am looking for the book " The Forgotten Winchesters: A History of the Models 1905, 1907, and 1910 Self-Loading Rifles. The book was published in 1995 and there are supposedly 500 of them floating around in the wild. I have seen prices range from $300 for a great condition used copy to $500 for...
1-3 of 3 Results