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General Information

I have been up 5.7x28mm arse ever since my first experience with it out of an FN FiveSeven at an early age in the 90s. Absolutely fell in love with it and have had an almost unjustified love of this cartridge. I really enjoyed what I feel is a scaled down 5.56 in a lighter, more compact package. I had to have one, and was at the time willing to buy even from a company I haven't had much experience with. That company was Masterpiece Arms. Now, at the time of buying this, I did have an MPA Mac 11 clone. A weapon that had worked well, but was completely impractical and quite inaccurate. So I figured the long barrel of a carbine and a buttstock might remedy this. So I bit. Satisfied? Kind of. Its fairly accurate, but shortly after owning, the sear's spring loaded catch which relocks the hammer in place after each shot, broke. It was a fairly easy fix, after buying the c clip removal tool. But still annoying. Then came magazines, and the fun really kicks off. According to MPA, the defender carbine accepts FN FiveSeven magazines. Well, kinda. After buying the weapon and then realizing, oh I should get some mags, I bought about a hundred bucks worth of FN mags. They sucked. The wouldn't feed correctly. But the mag that came with it didn't do that and worked great. Lo and behold, it's a frickin pro mag magazine (personally, I hate pro mag and had never had any luck with them before in 1911's and Ak's) I was just mind blown that the 50 dollar a crack FN mags didn't work, but the 20 dollar ones did. It comes down to the feed ramp, the pro mags are actually longer than the FNs. So I had to go out and buy them, but at least their cheap. And of course, I don't own a FiveSeven, I own a Ruger 57, (hey give me a break, I'm not Warren frickin Buffett). So take it as you will before buying. Other than that, it's a great little carbine and shoots great. Great for varmint and small game, and you might get a little more out of a longer barreled 5.7x28mm. And pro mag does offer 30 rd FN mags for those of us in a free state. (Cant believe I just promoted the use of pro mag, I really don't suggest this except for this occasion)


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