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Showcase cover image for Astra 900 stocks

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I picked up two Astra 900 stocks designed to fit Astra 900 weapons copying the Mauser C96 series. Each of these stocks features numbers intended to match their respective weapons one of which falls into the Nazi contract series. Numbers are easily seen on the inside hinged butt end of the stock. Additional numbers are a little harder to see on the stock iron. I will add those pix when next I remove the stock iron.


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Do you pretend to sell them?
Sorry to be so late with my reply as I'm not a regular watcher of this very fine site. Will start paying more attention this year. Anyway I'd be happy to answer your questions tho not sure what you mean by "pretend" to sell them. I was just showing them off but as many of us will admit we'll consider selling most of our "treasures" should the money be very tempting.