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Showcase cover image for 1932 Civil Guard SK.Y. M28/30 first run of 2700 (#1872/32)

General Information

I just scored (what I believe to be) an early 1932 run M28/30 from my local Cabela's! I don't know who they have going through their mil-surp-inventory, but thank goodness they didn't know what they had, because I'm pretty sure this rifle should've been behind glass in the WW2 section of their "gun library." Believe it or not, they actually had this rifle mislabeled as a Swiss M96/11...... Long story short, it was priced at $499, but after talking with the in store "experts" (and portraying it as just another "run of the mill," garden variety Mosin) I was able to get them to take an additional $100 off the list price (I saw in their system that they paid $200 for they had to account for a little, and scored it for the measly sum of $399!

Funny thing is that about 6-7 years ago, I went in there with a buddy of mine and they had around 3 full racks of surplus Mosin's they had just gotten in from an old Ukraine cache.....having known nothing about the rifles (went there on a whim that time...), I simply picked out what I thought was the best looking (and least cosmo-caked, lol) rifle I could find....which was, I found out later, one of over 900,000 1943 Izhevsk 91/30's.....for only $125.....I was a poor college student so that was a good chunk of change for me at the time.....It wasn't until I got home, started to clean it, and began to go down the "rabbit hole" of history that exists on these rifles that I truly began to appreciate them!

By the time I was able to get back and potentially find a "real good one," they were all gone.....knowing that the total supply was likely all dried up, I was resigned to simply enjoy my M91/30 and that would be that.

Fast forward to the present, and I found myself (again on a whim, and with the same buddy no less!) walking into Cabela's to see what they had on the thing I know, I find not only a Finnish- Mosin, but a fine example (to me at least, ha), of WW2 history.

If only rifles could speak!


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